Nuria Córdoba, Graphic Designer, Frontend Web and Photographer


Creativity, constancy, willingness to learn and work... I am a Design and Editorial Production grade´s senior technician; I am from San Sebastian´s Ceinpro Design School.

I was born in Irun (Gipuzkoa) the dawn of 10th October 1992. My origins are from Caceres, Palencia and Biscay. I am studying a Master of Web Design and Multimedia in San Sebastian, where I studied my grade of Design and Editorial Production. When I finished this grade, between the months of March and May, I made my internship at Fringomania Showroom S.L.U., this company distributes the clothes of fashion marks like American Vintage, Berenice, Eleven Paris or Reiko to Leonce shops in Spain. When I finished my Master, I made my internship at Bi Tanta company in San Sebastian (Maramara* Taldea).

I am an ambitious, humble and tenacious girl, because I do not stop until I get my goals, if I am right or wrong, I always feel that at least, I have tried it. Life has taught me to overcome myself everyday, I discovered my vocation by chance and life did not stop putting me obstacles on the path, but with illusion and modesty you can get anything. If I had never get by this period in my life, I would be probably doing other things.

Regarding my work, I like the elegant designs and the challenges. I prefer a design on white background rather than on a black one. I love photography´s world and its huge number of possibilities. I like art as well; I go to painting classes since 2001. And graphic design is my passion, it is my release to create, and I include the craziest idea that I can imagine.

This is my official website and I hope you like it!!




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