Hi everybody!!

How is your week? First of all, I would like to apologize you about last post's delay, last month I have been without my laptop because of its' breakdown. Anytime is bad to have any breakdown!! But never is late if our goal is a good idea.

Today I present you a special post, we are just in June, and Irun's (my town) meaning is white, red and black. San Martial festivity's colours, Irun's festivity!! We are watching some balcons with flowers and Irun's badge, listening Alarde's music by fifes...we are looking forward to celebrate it.

If you are reading this article you don't know San Martial festivity's meaning, I will explain it you: this festivity is celebrated every 30th June to remind the San Martial mountain's battle which Irun's soldiers won 500 years ago to French and German soldiers. Irun's people were intelligents and courageous and they got Aldabe's mountain that 30th June's night, now San Martial. Since that, we celebrate the Traditional Alarde and we go to San Martial's mountain to renove this promise. This festivity starts with every company's rehearsals at Irun's neighbourhoods two weeks before 30th June. Then, 28th June's night is arriving with 19 Cantineras' presentation to Irun's city and, next day, Army review. That afternoon, the cavalry company with its' Cantinera and the general visit Alarde's all companies (excepting Tamborrada's and Music Band's who haven't any review).

Being Cantinera

Some girls from Irun dream of become Cantinera, it is their childhood dream. They enjoyed of Alarde with their family and then with friends. Every year, 19 girls become their dream real, this year too. Those 19 Cantineras will march around Irun's streets saying hello with their fan and listening "Pretty" sounds from people. They are this day's main characters, all of us. We do and feel the Alarde, we are the main characters.

Finally, I will show you a variety of photos about last year's Alarde. I hope that you like it!

I have finished this article with these pictures, next week I will present you another post!!

See you next week!!