Hi guys!!

How are you? I hope that you are fine! San Martial festivity's rehearsals will start this week and I am going to take some pictures about the best moments. I enjoy taking photos about these emotion and happiness moments, means that the most importants days will be here soon. Some pictures will be uploaded on my social networks ;-)

Today I am going to talk to you about the family shooting what I made to Ibai and his parents. So I celebrated a giveaway on my Facebook professional profile last november because I got 500 Likes there, I was looking forward to share you something with I enjoy a lot. The supply winner was Ibai's mother, Niki. When I met them, they wanted that Ibai was the main character of the shooting. So we decided to go to a place where the children enjoy a lot...a park.

I think that the choice of a friendly place is so important as a first meeting with the customers. It is necessary having a first meeting to meet among, to empathize with the customers y it will be helpful for a relaxed photoreport. The chosen place has to be confortable for the main character, on this case Ibai, he has to feel relaxed and enjoy the moment. I love this kind of shootings because the kids can surprise you with some details or actions, in spite of having some preconceived ideas.

Now I am going to show you a selection of the pictures whose I took that morning.

ibaiyfamilia1 ibaiyfamilia2 ibaiyfamilia3 ibaiyfamilia4 ibaiyfamilia5 ibaiyfamilia6 ibaiyfamilia7 ibaiyfamilia8 ibaiyfamilia9 ibaiyfamilia10 ibaiyfamilia11 ibaiyfamilia12 ibaiyfamilia13 ibaiyfamilia14 ibaiyfamilia15 ibaiyfamilia16 ibaiyfamilia17 ibaiyfamilia18 ibaiyfamilia19 ibaiyfamilia20 ibaiyfamilia21 ibaiyfamilia22 ibaiyfamilia23

What do you think? I hope that you like them!! As you could see, Ibai's face is not shown on any photo. Despite of taking a lot of pictures showing his face, I did not publish any photo where appears its' face because his parents requested me. We enjoyed a lot that morning. THANK YOU SO MUCH FAMILY!

See you next time!