Hi guys!!

How are you? I hope that you are fine! I am in my finest professional moment because I am starting some interesting projects, I am really happy for that situation. It is very gratifying to realise that people follow my work and they appreciate it. In addition, I am studying and travelling because I want to improve my skills and I need some inspiration for my next projects. I love my job! I said that I am travelling because I visited Seville and I am going to visit Paris in two weeks. I think that the best thing to escape and to find some inspiration is travelling: discovering another culture, another traditions, tasting different food, discovering another kind of architecture on the buildings whose you can use like inspiration for differents projects......they are life experiences that it is worth enjoying them.

On this post, I show you the pregnancy photographic report what I made to Lara and Juanjo, it has been my first pregnancy shooting. Hugo will be born in a few days, so we met at their home and I took some pictures. It was a shooting where we enjoyed a lot, they forgot that there was a camera and these photos were more natural and spontaneous. I love to capture these special moments of the couple: a pregnancy is a beautiful memory for the future mum because she feels that a new live grows in her side, baby's parents prepare all the necessary for its' birth...moments whose it is worth to capture. ecen la pena inmortalizar. Here they are the best pictures of this beautiful shooting and the little box that I created for them. I hope that you like them!

larayjuanjo1 larayjuanjo2 larayjuanjo3 larayjuanjo4 larayjuanjo5 larayjuanjo6 larayjuanjo7 larayjuanjo8 larayjuanjo9 larayjuanjo10 larayjuanjo11 larayjuanjo12 larayjuanjo13 larayjuanjo14 larayjuanjo15 larayjuanjo16 larayjuanjo17 larayjuanjo18

What do you think of them? I hope that you liked them! The best moment for this kind of photographic report is between 30th and 38th week of pregnancy, it depends of the volume of the belly. The shootings can be in a photo studio or at clients' home or outside.

See you soon!