Hi guys!!

How are you? I hope that you are fine! August is finishing now and in Hondarribia (Spain) means that its festivity is going to start soon! :-) It has just started and, if you have visited my social networks, I have uploaded some photos of the rehearses. The best is still to come...I am sure!! I enjoy a lot taking photos about these special and emotional moments: at Irun's and Hondarribia's festivities, on the wedding shootings whose I took part, on the pregnancy shootings...and taking pictures on my trips too! In fact, today's post is about the last one what I made.

I was in Paris 5 months ago. This city fascinates you since the first minute because of its architecture, its views from the top of the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre's district or the Arc de Triomphe (my favourite place to see a twilight), all of the street artist places, its infinite streets... I could not visit all the beautiful places of Paris but I am sure that I will be back soon. In addition, my two friends and I visited DisneyLand park. One of my friends was there when she was a child, but the other one and I wanted to make that dream come true. Personally, I was really happy of travelling to Paris, so we added the visit to DisneyLand and this trip was perfect :-)

A french friend told me that Paris is the most visited city in the world a few days ago; in fact, the Eiffel Tower is the most important place. He was right! Before my travelling, I watched a lot of photos of Paris: on daytime, at night, after a raining day, with optical I decided of travelling with some different ideas on my mind. And it worked! They were an amazing days because I enjoyed with my friends, I found some creative ideas, we visited a lot of places...for everything.

So I am going to show the best photos of the trip. My perspective of Paris :-) Voilà!

paris1 paris2 paris3 paris4 paris5 paris6 paris7 paris8 paris9 paris10 paris11 paris12 paris13 paris14 paris15 paris16 paris17 paris18 paris19 paris20 paris21 paris22 paris23 paris24 paris25 paris26 paris27 paris28 paris29 paris30 paris31 paris32 paris33 paris34 paris35 paris36 paris37 paris38 paris39 paris40 paris41 paris42 paris43 paris44 paris45 paris46 paris47 paris48 paris49 paris50 paris51 paris52 paris53 paris54 paris55 paris56 paris57 paris58 paris59 paris60 paris61 paris62 paris63 paris64 paris65 paris66 paris67 paris68 paris69 paris70 paris71 paris72 paris73 paris74 paris75 paris76 paris77 paris78 paris79 paris80 paris81 paris82 paris83 paris84 paris85 paris86 paris87 paris88 paris89 paris90 paris91 paris92 paris93 paris94 paris95 paris96 paris97 paris98 paris99 paris100 paris101 paris102

What doy you think? I hope that you like them!! If I have to choose my favourite places of Paris, I would choose the Arc de Triomphe and Montmartre's district. On the case of the first monument, Eiffel Tower looked amazing but I could watch the twilight of the city on the top of the Arc de Triomphe and I loved it. So I prefer the Arc de Triomphe than the Eiffel Tower. And on the second case, I loved the street artists' places at Place du Tertre, there is streetart everywhere; I was looking forward to visit that place because "Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain" film was filmed there and it is my favourite one. Finally, I want not to leave Paris without a delicious Macarons box; I love these typical pastries and I will never get tired eating them.

À bientôt!