Hi guys!!

How are you this summer? I am working in my new job and I have made some works for some clients. So I can say this sentence: Doing something I enjoy is never a chore!! I told you that I did an advanced sunset photograpghy course in San Sebastian last june. My learnt a lot with my teacher, the photographer Ainara García. I found this kind of course on her Instagram account and her website, "El mundo a través de un visor" (The world in a viewfinder, in spanish).

After I had my advanced photography course last february, I am looking forward to do more trainings and I love her photos too. I like her idea about visiting typical places and taking very different photographies. You can learn and meeting people like you and these courses are very enjoyable. Our 3 hours of the course finished immediately. If you want taking photos in a place that you know, but you want taking them on another way and practising new skills, I highly recommend you to do that.

On this post, I will show you the best pictures of that amazing afternoon. We took photos from golden hour to blue hour and...sunsets too.

| Golden hour: It is the moment when we can see some golden lights of the sun intensely. On architecture, on organic elements...we can see some lights when we take a picture. It is twilight before.

| Blue hour: It is the moment when we can see an intense blue sky, electric blue and a little bit dark. It is not the dark black night, it is between the twilight and the closed night.

Now, I will show the photos what I made on that course.

fototour1 fototour2 fototour3 fototour4 fototour5 fototour6 fototour7 fototour8 fototour9 fototour10 fototour11 fototour12 fototour13 fototour14 avanzado15 fototour16 fototour17 fototour18 fototour19

What do you think about them? I hope that you like them and you understand the concept of the sunset's process. I loved that experience and I would like to repeat it.

See you!