Hi guys!!

How are you? I hope that you are enjoying this summer! I have already finished the San Martial festivity photos' edition and I am concentrated on my next projects and I am looking forward to show you all of these on my website :-) I think that it is a good sign because people is following your work and they trust in you, it is really gratifying and we continue doing all the best. Little by little, we get all our goals.

Today I am going to talk to you about the shooting which I made to Ylenia two months ago. When we got the first meeting, she was sure about the theme of the shooting: she wanted a themed shooting about dancing, what it is the one of her hobbies. She started attending at a dance academy a few years ago and she enjoys a lot practising belly dancing. I loved that idea because of its wardrobe: its flashy colours, the precious stones...I thought that I could get something really interesting. In addition, she had a performance which it combinates this kind of dancing with the flamenco, it is called Andalussí. So we were ready to enjoy!

Why? We were ready because we were at a fantastic place and the shooting process was able to be incredible. We chose a beautiful forest near to Irun and we started with a little bit of music. I think that it is more natural taking photos when the model is dancing a song of she knows a choreography than doing a necessary pose ordered by the photographer. It is important that the model has a comfortable place and he/she has to set out the rules of a dominated theme to the photographer, on this case. Every person is different and if we get some advices among, the project will finish successfully.

We started dancing on the forest and we finished on the river after enjoying with the belly dancing. I am going to show you the taken photos that morning.

yleniaandalussi1 yleniaandalussi2 yleniaandalussi3 yleniaandalussi4 yleniaandalussi5 yleniaandalussi6 yleniaandalussi7 yleniaandalussi8 yleniaandalussi9 yleniaandalussi10 yleniaandalussi11 yleniaandalussi12 yleniaandalussi13 yleniaandalussi14 yleniaandalussi15 yleniaandalussi16 yleniaandalussi17 yleniaandalussi18 yleniaandalussi19 yleniaandalussi20 yleniaandalussi21 yleniaandalussi22 yleniaandalussi23 yleniaandalussi24 yleniaandalussi25 yleniaandalussi26 yleniaandalussi27 yleniaandalussi28 yleniaandalussi29 yleniaandalussi30 yleniaandalussi31 yleniaandalussi32 yleniaandalussi33 yleniaandalussi34 yleniaandalussi35 yleniaandalussi36 yleniaandalussi37 yleniaandalussi38 yleniaandalussi39 yleniaandalussi40 yleniaandalussi41 yleniaandalussi42 yleniaandalussi43 yleniaandalussi44 yleniaandalussi45 yleniaandalussi46 yleniaandalussi47 yleniaandalussi48 yleniaandalussi49 yleniaandalussi50 yleniaandalussi51 yleniaandalussi52 yleniaandalussi53 yleniaandalussi54 yleniaandalussi55 yleniaandalussi56 yleniaandalussi57 yleniaandalussi58 yleniaandalussi59

What do you think? I hope that you like it!! It is not necessary to get married or waiting for a baby for enjoy in a shooting and get a beautiful memory. It is only necessary the best attitude and if you are enjoying doing your hobby, we need not anymore. THANK YOU SO MUCH YLENIA!!

See you next time!