On this website I collect and use the information according to my privacy policy. I collect information by a technology called “cookies”. On Nuria Córdoba/Arte Diseño & Fotografía, we use some cookies for a few things.

What is a cookie?

A “cookie” is a little text quantity which is kept on your navigator (like Chrome from Google or Safari from Apple) when you surf on the majority of the websites.

What is NOT a cookie?

It is not a virus, nor a Trojan horse, nor a worm, nor a spam, nor a spyware and it does not open any pop-up window.

What kind of information keeps a cookie?

The cookies does not keep sensitive information about you, for example: credit cards or bank information, photographies or personal information, etc. The pieces of information kept are of technical, statistical, personal priorities, contents customize, etc. nature.

The web server does not associate you as a person, it associates to your web navigator. In fact, if you normally surf on Chrome and you try to surf on Firefox, you will see that the website does not know that you the same user because it associates the navigator's information, not yours.

What kind of cookies exist?

| Technical cookies: They are the simplest and they can know when is an human or an automatic app navigating, or an anonymous or an registered user, they are simple works to do if we want a proper functionality of any dynamic website.

| Cookies of analysis: They collect some information about the surfing done, the most visited sections, consulted products, usage's schedule, language, etc.

| Publicity cookies: They show you some advertisements based on your surfing, your country, language, etc.

What are the own cookies and the mediators?

The own cookies are those are created by the website when you visit it. The mediators' cookies are those are created by external services or dealers like Mailchimp, Mailrelay, Facebook, Twitter, Google adsense, etc.

Which cookies use this website?

This website uses own and mediators' cookies. This website uses these cookies whose I explain you now:

Own cookies

| Log in: The log in cookies allow you log in or log out of your Nuria Córdoba/Arte Diseño & Fotografía's account.

| Customization: The cookies help me to remember which people and websites you interacted, so I will be able to show you some connected content.

| Priorities: The cookies allow me to remember your settings and priorities, for example: your favourite language and your privacy configuration.

| Security: I use cookies to prevent some security risks. Principally to detect when somebody is trying to pirate your Nuria Córdoba/Arte Diseño & Fotografía's account.

Mediators' cookies

This website uses analysis services, specifically, Google Analytics is useful for help the website to analyse the usage made by the website's users and improving its usage, but the pieces of information will not to associate to identify the user. Google Analytics is an analytic service lent by Google, Inc., The user can consult here the kind of cookies used by Google.

Nuria Córdoba Campos is Bootstrap templates provision platform's user. So this cookies' usage by the systems are never under control or management by website's responsible, they could change every moment and having some new cookies. This cookies do not report any profit to the responsible. Bootstrap also uses another cookies for help me to identify and to follow the visitors of Bootstrap's sites, knowing the usage what they made of Bootstrap website, as their access priorities there, as they explain at “Cookies” section of their privacy policy.

The social networks' cookies could be kept on your navigator while you visit for example, when you use share contents button from website on some social network. I show you the information about the cookies which the social networks use on their privacy policies:

| Facebook's cookies, more information on its privacy policy.

| Twitter's cookies, more information on its privacy policy.

| Instagram's cookies, more information on its privacy policy.

| Pinterest's cookies, more information on its privacy policy.

| Linkedin's cookies, more information on its privacy policy.

| Youtube's cookies, more information on its privacy policy.

I use affiliation's services platform whose they used navigator's cookies to follow the sales made on this website on the affiliation programmes contributors of this website.

Can I remove the cookies?

Yes, you can remove and block on general or personal way for a specific domain.

If you want to remove the cookies of a website, you have to go into the navigator's settings and there you are be able to find those which are associated to the domaine and proceed to the remove.

| Cookies configuration for Google Chrome.

| Cookies configuration for Apple Safari.

| Cookies configuration for Internet Explorer.

| Cookies configuration for Mozilla Firefox.

More information about the cookies

You can consult the cookies regulation published by the Spanish Data Protection Agency on its "Cookies usage guide". You can also get more information about cookies on Internet on website.

If you want a better control about the cookies instalation, you can install some programmes or complements on your navigator, called "Do Not Track" tools, they will allow you choosing those cookies what you want.

This Cookies' Policy has been updated last 18/05/2018 for last time.