TARGET: Logo’s and visit card’s design.

YEAR: 2014.

VALUES: Elegance and versatility.

Gosspell is an unisex hairdresser which proposes a big quality-price purpose list for any age’s people.

For this project, it was necessary an elegant, simple and versatile design, which it shows its’ job. The enterprise’s name has an important help by its’ double “S”. The double “S” has a curly hair form, the blue colour will differentiate of the text. I have chosen a differents colours and typographics for the texts and contribute to the importance of “Gosspell” word.

For the visit cards, it has a vertical format. I have added the logo and the contact, on the top and under the card. These are separated by a blue discontinuous line and a black scissors. Behind the card, which has a blue bottom, its’ used for write the date and the time.