On this section, the user will find all the information about defined legal conditions and stipulations between the users and me, Nuria Córdoba Campos, as this website's responsible (Nuria Córdoba/Arte Diseño & Fotografía). As an user, you must know these conditions before your surfing.

Responsible's information pieces

| Responsible's identity: Nuria Córdoba Campos.

| Commercial name: Nuria Córdoba/Arte Diseño & Fotografía.

| Spanish ID: 44568739Y.

| E-mail:

Me, Nuria Córdoba Campos (Nuria Córdoba/Arte Diseño & Fotografía), as this website's responsible, I will to process all the information given by my users and customers safely and I will obey the national and european conditions which regulate the compilation and the usage of my users' personal information.

So this website obey rightly the 13th December 15/1999 Organic Law of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the 21st December 1720/2007 Royal Decree too, it is known as the General Data Protection Regulation's development (GDPR). It also obeys the 27th April 2016 Council and European Parliament's 2016/679 Regulation (EU) about the physical people protection (GDPR) and 11th July 34/2002 Law about the Electronic Commerce and Information Society Services (ISSL or ECISSL).

General conditions of usage

These General Conditions regulate (simple access too) websites' usage, integrantes del sitio web de Nuria Córdoba/Arte Diseño & Fotografía website's members and the availabled contents and services are included. Each person who access at website, (“user”) accepts submit to the current General Conditions every moment of website.

The pieces of information that I collect and how I do

Read Privacy Policy.

Users' agreements and duties

The User is informed and accepts that the access at the website does not mean the beginning of a commercial relationship with Nuria Córdoba/Arte Diseño & Fotografía. So the user promises to use the website, its services and contents and the user will not to disobey the current legislation, the good faith and the public order.

It is forbidden the illegal or damaging usage of the website or creating some damage or blocking the proper functioning of the website. About this website's contents, it is banned:

| Its full or partial reproduction, distribution or alteration, unless somebody has my permission as a lawfullness owner.

| Every infringement of the provider's or mines as a lawfullness owner.

| Its usage for commercial or publicity goals.

On website's usage, the user promises not to have any wrong behaviour which could hurt Nuria Córdoba/Arte Diseño & Fotografía's or mediators' image, interests and laws or website could be hurt, made useless overload or blocking its current usage.

Nevertheless, the User has to know that computing systems' security measures on Internet are not totally reliables. So website can't guarantee any elements' or malware's existence which could create some problems on the users' computing systems (software and hardware) or on his electronic documents and files contents. I provide you all the necessary security measures to prevent some junk elements' presence.

Security measures

The pieces of information sents by the user to Nuria Córdoba/Arte Diseño & Fotografía could be kepts on some automatic databases or not, whose responsability is exclusively of Nuria Córdoba Campos, she accepts all the technical, organizational and security measures which they safe the quality, the honesty and confidentiality of the content information inside. According to the current regulation of data protection.

The communication between the users and uses a safe channel, the sent information is encoded with https protocols and I guarantee the best security conditions and the users' confidentiality is safed.

Resolution of problems' platform

I provide you the litigations resolution platform created by the European Commission and you can find on this link.

Property industrial and intellectual laws

According to Intellectual Property Law's the 8 and 32.1 articles, second paragraph, they are forbidden the totally or partial reproduction, distribution and the public comunication of the contents of this website for commercial goals on every support or technical way, without Nuria Córdoba/Arte Diseño & Fotografía's permission. The user promises to respect the Intellectual and Industrial Property laws of Nuria Córdoba Campos.

The user knows and accepts that all the website, the text, software, podcast contents (structure, selection, ordination and their presentation), photographies, multimedia and graphic material includes without exhaustive nature is protected by brands, author laws and another legitimate laws. According to the international treaties where Spain takes part and another Spanish property laws.

If an user or a mediator think that it has been an infringement of their legitimate intellectual property laws for a content on the website, he has to advice to Nuria Córdoba/Arte Diseño & Fotografía saying:

| Pieces of information of the interested owner or of the mediator's of the infringemented laws. If it is about a mediator, he has to specify his representation.

| He has to tag the protected contents by the intellectual property laws and its location on the website, the certification of the tagged intellectual property laws and the express statement where the interested takes on responsability of sent informations.

External links website's pages provide some links to another own websites and contents of mediators like:

| Tools.

| Another blogs' content.

Guarantees exclusion and responsible

Nuria Córdoba Campos (Nuria Córdoba/Arte Diseño & Fotografía) does not guarantee or take on responsability of the damages which could cause:

| Availability, maintenance and proper functioning offence of the website or its services and contents.

| Malware, malicious programmes or damaging existence of the contents.

| The illegal, negligent, El uso ilícito, negligente, fraudulent or contrary to this Legal Notice.

| The lawfulness, quality, reliability, usage and availability offence of the lent services by mediators and provided to the website's users.

| The provider does not take on responsability on the damages of the illegal usage of this website.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The relationship between Nuria Córdoba/Arte Diseño & Fotografía and her telematic services users of this website are subdued to the Spanish legislation and jurisdiction and the courts of Madrid.


If some user has any question about these Legal Conditions or any comment of website, write to, please.

This Legal Notice has been updated last 17/05/2018 for last time.